Go Green

Environmentally Friendly. Hip Pocket Friendly

The Quench Recycling Shower’s award-winning design will allow users to make noticeable savings on water, energy and money. The system isn’t just built for power, speed and relaxation. It’s designed with the environment at the forefront and to help users make incredible savings on otherwise increasingly costly home bills.

A seven minute Quench Recycling Shower experience can use as little as 25 litres, that’s a saving of 115 litres (82%) per shower when compared to ‘pre-water saving’ shower heads, and a saving of 45 litres (64%) per shower when compared to ‘water saving’ shower heads.

Showering with Quench will encourage you to save enormous amounts of water and make a significant daily contribution to our environment.

For more information about the Quench Recycling Shower’s energy savings capabilities, check out the Quench Energy Save Table.