What is the Quench shower?

From the driest continent on Earth – Australia – the Quench shower is the latest innovation designed to significantly reduce water and energy consumption in the home.

Quench Shower is a system that substantially minimises clean water running down the drain.

How does it work and does the process of showering change?

As the process of showering is different for everyone the Quench method is based on the following:

Simply enter the Quench shower and begin to efficiently wash your body using soap & shampoo and rinse off thoroughly. Once the soapy water has disappeared down the drain, push down the drain cover and allow the reservoir to fill (approximately 4 litres (1 gallon) of clean temperature-controlled water). Turn the shower off.

Activate the Auto-Mode and the water will re-circulate continuously through the shower for as long as you like.

The water is filtered, pressurised and heated to the temperature that is set by the user at the control panel – using only 4 litres (1 gallon)!

When you finish simply pop the drain cover up (emptying the reservoir) and step out. Next activate the Sanitize–Rinse cycle and the entire system will be effectively sanitized and rinsed leaving the system in its original hygienic condition ready for the next shower.

Is the Quench shower a complete system or is it supplied as components?

Quench has two models, Q1 and Q2. Q1-Model is a complete cubicle shower system factory designed, assembled and tested. For ease of transportation and handling, the Quench shower cubicle is dis-assembled and sent as a 4 piece unit which consists of a base, walls and shower column.

These are easily re-assembled on-site by the installer, which is usually the plumber. All plumbing and electrics are factory fitted, and require only basic connection by the on-site contractor. The Quench shower is easier to install than most conventional showers.

The Q2-Model give you the freedom to design your own shower around the unique Quench operating system. This consists of the shower base and tower that simply recesses into the shower wall and is complimented by a choice of cover panels. The cover panel comes in a variety finishes including tile. Alternatively you may choose your own tile.

The tower houses all of Quench’s operating system and allows access to this equipment for any future servicing requirements.

Is Quench available in various sizes and colors?

The standard Quench Shower is a one-person moulded-corner unit with optional left and right hand door opening. Rectangle bases are available. Please refer to the Quench Model section of the website.

White is the standard color. Black, Gold and Pearl Shimmer are also available. Quench also offers a ‘color matching’ service whereby we can, in most cases, match to the color of your choice – a tile or paint sample is all that is required.

Are special plumbing and electrical services required?

Standard 15mm (1/2 inch) Hot & Cold water supply lines and a 40mm (1-1/2 inch) standard trapped drain line is required. A standard dedicated 20 Amp, 240 Volt, 50Hz, single phase supply protected via an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) that has a maximum trip current of 30 Milliamps is required.

North American models require a dedicated 220 Volt, 60Hz, single phase supply protected by a Class ‘A’ Ground Fault Circuit Breaker (GFCI). A Quench shower installation is similar to that of a whirlpool tub/spa-bath.

What are the Quench Steps 1 & 2?

At Quench we have developed the ’2-Step’ showering practice. It simplifies how to minimise water usage whilst maximising the Quench Auto-Mode shower experience.

Step-1 is to wash your body and to carry out any other personal maintenance that is required –eg: shaving, exfoliating, moisturising, shampooing, conditioning etc in the most efficient time – and limiting this part of the shower operation to around 2 minutes. Don’t forget – during Step-1, the shower water is going down the drain and therefore it is important to limit shower operation time in order to conserve water.

Step-2 is the time spent in Quench, enjoying the shower operation in Auto-Mode. It is in this part of the showering experience that you can relax – knowing that you are not consuming vast amounts of water. During Step-2 the clean shower water is re-circulated and therefore you can shower for as long as you like using approximately 4 litres during the entire showering experience. We encourage you to responsibly manage the time you spend in the shower as you are still consuming energy – 3 to 5 minutes should Quench your showering desire.

How much water does the Quench shower consume during Step -1 (normal shower operation)?

The Quench shower head at full flow is rated at 9 litres (2.4 gallons) per minute. During normal shower operation, water is supplied directly from the mains water supply. You are encouraged to wash your body as efficiently as possible during the normal shower operation, as this water is going down the drain. It is certainly achievable for most people to complete the washing process using around 18 litres (4.7 gallons) of water – 2 minutes of actual shower operation

How can I possibly condition my long hair and carry out personal maintenance within a 2 minute time period?

We encourage you to limit the shower operation time – not the time actually spent in the Quench shower cubicle. The shower flow can be controlled during any personal maintenance activity, for example – you may consider applying conditioner in your hair towards the end of normal showering mode (Step 1) – then put a shower cap on. Proceed to enjoy the Quench experience in Auto-Mode (Step-2) then revert back to normal shower operation to rinse the conditioner out.

Develop ways to shower more efficiently.

How much water does the Quench shower consume during Step-2 (Auto-Mode re-circulating shower)?

Around 4 litres (1 gallon) of water is all that is required to enable the Quench shower to operate in Auto-Mode. You can shower for as long as you like in Auto-Mode – using no more than 4 litres of water.

Can the Quench shower be used in normal shower operation without using the Auto-Mode (step-2)?

Yes, simply shower as normal. Even though the Quench shower head is a ‘water-saving’ shower head, and flows only 9 litres per minute, we still encourage you to responsibly manage the time spent in the shower to minimise water consumption.

How is the Quench shower system sanitized?

The Quench system incorporates an automatic Sanitize-Rinse cycle. This is designed to maintain the hygienic operation of the entire system. Following the Auto-Mode (Step 2) operation, you exit Quench and simply activate the Sanitize-Rinse cycle. Quench’s system is automatically drained, sanitized and rinsed in approximately 1 minute. In addition to the Sanitize-Rinse cycle, general day to day normal operation of Quench ensures that the entire system is always flushed with fresh water before use.

Depending on use, the on-board sanitizer storage bottle will require periodic filling with SaniQ. The LED (light) on the control panel will signify when filling is required.

Is the Quench shower going to provide me with a good, reliable pressurized shower experience?

The Quench system (when used in normal shower operation), like other showers, relies upon the pressure and flow provided by the plumbing in your home and therefore can vary from home to home, country to country.

But when you activate Quench mode, the pressure and flow provided by the plumbing in your home has NO influence whatsoever over the performance of the Quench shower. Quench has its own balanced pressure and flow system incorporated, and therefore provides a reliable, consistent high performance shower every single time. The water pressure is maintained and – unlike conventional showers that are fitted with or without ‘pre-water saving’ shower heads – Quench’s performance, when operated in Auto-Mode, will not be effected by the running of another shower in the home, the flushing of a toilet or the running of a tap.

You know that Quench will provide you with an enjoyable, reliable pressurized showering experience – every single time!

Does Quench consume more energy to operate than a conventional shower?

Conventional showers rely upon either gas or electric hot water heating systems to supply hot water. These heaters are supplied inlet water that can range from 1 C (33.8F) during winter months through to 25 C ( 77F) during summer months, this water requires heating and therefore energy is consumed.

It takes 1 Calorie to heat 1 gram (0.0353oz) of water to 1 C (33.8F). No matter the energy source eg: electricity, gas, solar etc… the formula remains the same.

The Quench shower system incorporates it’s very own water heating system to ensure efficient, accurate temperature control throughout the Auto-Mode operation. This unique heating circuit may save around 87% energy consumption when compared to a conventional shower operation for the same showering time.

Because the water that is being heated by the Quench heating system during Auto-Mode is being drawn directly from the reservoir in the shower base, the water is already pre-heated and requires significantly less energy to raise the water temperature to shower temperature. A conventional shower water heating source has to heat cold water (inlet water) to shower temperature, potentially consuming a considerable amount of energy in doing so.

The Quench shower can save around 87% energy consumption when compared to a conventional shower operation. (Refer to Quench Energy Saving Table for further clarification).

What is a renewable electricity source?

Electricity may be generated by power stations that use coal and it is the coal that generates high levels of green house gas. Electricity suppliers are now offering what is termed as Green energy and this electricity may be generated by solar, wind or hydro energy and these are classed as renewable electricity sources.

There is also a drive towards replacing coal powered stations to gas powered stations for the future. A renewable electricity source is good for the environment and is available now. To switch to a renewable source contact your electricity provider, there are no changes required to your home wiring, equipment etc. it just means that the provider is supplying a cleaner energy source to your home.

If we have a gas hot water heating service can we still have a Quench shower?

Yes, the gas hot water service will provide hot water to the Quench shower throughout normal showering mode (Step 1). When you operate Auto-Mode (Step 2) Quench relies upon it’s own on-board electric heating system.

Is the Quench shower affordable?

Of course – it has to be – if we are going to have an impact on our global water position ! The initial purchase price of a Quench shower system will appear to be much higher than that of a conventional shower – but when you add up the figures you will be surprised to see how little the price difference really is. In fact, the difference could cost less than 50 cents per day when amortized over an average home loan. As the cost of water increases, and it will, the difference could become negligible. Remembering that with a Quench shower system you can use significantly less water and both the water, and monetary savings, are immediate!

When comparing the initial purchase price of a Quench system to a conventional showering system, there are several important factors to consider. Add up the total cost of all the components, building materials and labour required to build a conventional shower – remembering to select components that are of as high quality as those used on the Quench shower.

Don’t forget tiles, grouting etc. The Quench shower system has a moulded base and walls and therefore minimizes tile use and the cost associated of installing them. This also virtually eliminates the risk of water leaks often associated with fully tiled showers, with the added bonus of an ‘easy
to clean’ surface.

With a Quench showering system, all shower components – water strainers, pressure and non-return valves, drain fittings and connection plumbing ready for installation – is all supplied standard – remember the quality!

Can I take cold showers in Quench?

Yes, you can shower with cold water in both the normal shower operation (Step 1) and when in Auto-mode (re-circulation). To shower in cold water when in Auto-Mode, simply fill the reservoir with cold water and activate the system. Quench’s integral water heater can be adjusted to cooler settings – or even disabled. During summer months when tepid showers are relied upon to cool off, Quench can save hundreds of litres (gallons) when compared to conventional showers.

Can I use shampoo and soaps during Quench's Auto-Mode?

The Quench system has not been designed to use shampoo & soaps during Auto-Mode – and should therefore be avoided. Shampoo & soaps should be used during Step-1 in the normal shower operation.

However, if shampoo & soap is accidently introduced into the re-circulating water during the Auto-Mode, it will simply be flushed through the system during the Sanitize-Rinse cycle. Soaps and shampoos may froth-up during Auto-Mode.

What do I use to clean the Quench Shower?

For Sanitizing the Quench system see the ‘Sanitize-Rinse’ section (question 12). For general day to day cleaning of all surfaces and fixtures, use a good brand liquid or cream shower cleanser. Wash all surfaces and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. DO NOT use abrasives or cleaners that contain alcohol.